Don’t forget to apply: the bitty awards by Pamela Grow

Have you submitted your awards application yet? Visit Pam’s website for more information about this opportunity to have your direct mail campaign receive national recognition.

the bitty awards

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There are the Caples Awards…the Fundraising Success Gold Awards…the Tagline Awards…the ECHO Awards..

Have you ever wondered, “where’s the award for excellence for the small shop fundraiser?”  We’re talking about the executive director or development director who diligently studies copywriting and direct mail techniques.  Who struggles mightily with the challenges of limited technology.  All with no dedicated copywriter, and no design team.

Announcing the bitty award for brilliance in direct mail fundraising for small shop nonprofit organizations.

In the words of copywriter and judge, Lisa Sargent, “No big agencies, only the small-but-mighty creative genius of bootstrapping organizations.”

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