Connecting with a Group – Online?!?

We have so many options today to connect with groups of people. Sure, there’s social media, but there are other options too. In this video, we’ll introduce three options: teleconferences, webinars and Google+ Hangouts on Air:


Here’s the transcript:

People are busy. In fact, can you remember the last time someone said that things were slow for them? Culturally in the US we seem to believe that it’s sexy to be busy J.

But because people are busy it’s getting more and more difficult to get people to attend in-person events. And while I still believe in-person events are the best way to connect people to your organization, it still makes sense to offer an alternative – and that’s where the idea of webinars or teleconferences come in.

Hi – my name is Kirsten Bullock of Bullock Consulting and today we’ll very briefly explore three options for this:

  • Conference calls
  • High-end webinar platforms
  • And Google Hangouts (which are quickly becoming my personal favorite)

Teleconferences or conference calls – whichever you prefer – are phone calls with multiple people on the line. There are many free options available, however on most of them you don’t have the capability to mute individual attendees who are experiencing background noise.

Webinars are another option that I haven’t seen many nonprofits taking advantage of. Most of the options out there are somewhat expensive though and the technology can be confusing to some donors. This is basically where you present to a group of people – often using slides and sometimes also with a camera to show your fabulous face to attendees. Many of these options also have the ability to add a give now button or other call to action, as well as polls so you can get an idea of what your audience thinks.

I already mentioned that Google Hangouts on air are quickly becoming one of my favorites. These are fairly simple to run, even easier to attend and don’t require additional software on your computer. These can even be embedded on your own organization’s website to make it really easy to find and watch. Another feature is that it’s automatically recorded, so you’ll have a record of the event that you can share with others who weren’t able to attend live. And did I mention it’s free?

Connecting with our current (and future) donors is so important. And whichever method you choose you’ll be a step ahead. That’s it for today. Thanks for joining me and until next time, keep putting one foot in front of the other!

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