[News] Is Charity a Good Thing?


Have you thought much about the meaning of that word? It’s good people doing good things. Often thought of as good. But can ‘charity’ end up hurting the very people we’re trying to help?

I’m just coming out of a simulated society exercise in which this concept was fully illustrated. We had people who wanted to work, earn money and be able to support their family. However those providing for their basic needs felt like that should be enough.

There’s honor in receiving a reasonable wage for work – and it empowers people rather than making them be dependent on someone or something else.

Nell Edington explores this concept a little deeper in her article below.

In thinking through this concept, are there things you’re doing for your board that results in their feeling disempowered? If we ask someone to do something, but then go ahead and do it ourselves anyway, there’s a similar feeling of disempowerment that’s felt. Just some food for thought…

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Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!



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