SGI56: Overcoming Biases, Embracing Diversity, and Building Strong Businesses and Nonprofits


Starting a nonprofit or entrepreneurial endeavor requires people, commitment, ideas, and possibly a little bit of luck. Tamar Kedar Harris, from NGT3 based in Nazareth, Israel, shares about her experiences working with startups in a tech incubator with a social … Continue reading

SGI55: Program Impact, Relationships and Trust with Caleb Belanger

Caleb Belanger

It can be extremely difficult to start a new venture that is successful, and much more so when it’s in a different culture. In this episode, Caleb Belanger, with New Leaf Development, shares about how they have built trusting relationships … Continue reading

SGI54: Sharing About What You Do with Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Sharing about what we do is at the core of every endeavor. That’s even more true for the nonprofit and social entrepreneurial space. In this episode, Adam Walker shares tips for sharing about what you do, as well as some … Continue reading

SGI53: Consistent Growth and Changing Careers with Diane Nelson

Changing careers can be difficult for anyone. When you’re a corporate, number-focused person transitioning to the nonprofit world it can probably go either way. For Diane Nelson and for VIPS, where she serves as executive director, it’s been a perfect … Continue reading

SGI52: Recruiting Board Members with Nathan Webster

For a nonprofit, having a high performing board is essential. Unfortunately, many nonprofits struggle with this issue. In this episode. Nathan Webster with Dream Big Community Center in Vancouver Washington shares about a board challenge, what he learned from it, … Continue reading

Workplace Conflict Is Costly

The staggering cost of people problems in the workplace is more than you think. According to The Harvard Business Review, American employers report spending an average of 2.8 hours a week on resolving conflicts. From dipping productivity to a loss … Continue reading

An Overview of DISC: What is It?

Strong communication in the workplace is vital for anyone wishing to promote a friendly productive business environment. However, miscommunication can still occur between you and a co-worker. Why? Because there will be personality types that differ from yours. No two … Continue reading