SGI46: Partnerships that Bring Lasting Impact with Stacie Freeman

Partnerships are best developed when two (or more) people or entities realize they can make a bigger impact by working together. This partnership, between Bethel University and Bright Light Volunteers is one of those. Stacie Freeman, shares her perspective on … Continue reading

NLN45: Leadership Transitions as an Opportunity with Jennifer Aronson

Jennifer Aronson - headshot

Jennifer Aronson explores key issues from the Boston Foundation’s recently published report, “Opportunity in Change.” Key points include: Leadership Changes are Happening Across Generations Transition Times Can Be an Opportunity to Make Structural Changes The Importance of Avoiding the Temptations … Continue reading

Successful Companies Invest in Leadership Development – Here’s Why

There’s an old saying that goes…People don’t leave companies; they leave their managers. Statistics taken from exit interviews support this golden nugget of wisdom. From interviews conducted of employees who voluntarily leave companies, 3 out of every 4 cite their direct supervisor … Continue reading

Workplace Conflict Is Costly

The staggering cost of people problems in the workplace is more than you think. According to The Harvard Business Review, American employers report spending an average of 2.8 hours a week on resolving conflicts. From dipping productivity to a loss … Continue reading

Why Invest in Leadership Development?

Leadership Develoment

Leadership is the one business activity you can’t outsource. How do you acquire that skill? In a way, going to school to learn leadership as though it were simply an intellectual skill such as mechanical engineering or marine biology seems … Continue reading

Four Essentials to Interpersonal Communications (and Leadership!)

Your interpersonal communication and leadership skills can make or break a relationship. This holds true in both your professional and personal life. Many people could use some work in this area, whether they realize it or not. Keep these four essentials in … Continue reading

Becoming a Person of Influence Podcast – Free Audio and Assessment

Positively Impacting the Lives of Others Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by becoming a Person of Influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational … Continue reading