Are Nonprofit Boards Equipped to Handle Today’s Challenges?

Do you ever wonder if nonprofit leadership, as it exists today, is really an effective way to run nonprofits? With the maturity level of organizations increasing, combined with less time available for volunteers to commit to a leadership role, perhaps we’re going to see a push towards other governance models. Indeed, perhaps the social benefit designation that for-profit business can obtain (in some states) in steps towards an alternate model.

Regardless of what happens in the future, right now we need to try and make things work the best that they can. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like many nonprofits leaders are confident in their board members.

A recent Stanford Social Innovation article explores some research that was recently completed:

“Our research finds that too often board members lack the skill set, depth of knowledge, and engagement required to help their organizations succeed,” Stanford accounting professor and lead researcher David F. Larcker said in a statement.

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