Analysis – someone to bounce ideas off of

Have you ever made a decision you regretted? Where you realized five minutes – or five days or five months – later that you didn’t have the right information to make the decision to begin with?

Sometimes we get so caught up with getting things done quickly that we fail to stop and ask if it makes sense. Don’t feel bad – we’ve all been there (and if you haven’t please let me know – I’d love to learn your secret!). We get caught in a rut, we get a little tired and decide to coast a little, or any number of reasons.

Having a network of strong people we turn to, share ideas with and get feedback from can go a long way in overcoming this particular challenge. We can all benefit from having someone to bounce ideas off of.

But leading a nonprofit (or a development department for that matter) can be a lonely place. It’s not always a good thing to share all with your board – or with your staff. So unless you’re part of a peer network with other CEO’s or executive directors you may really be on your own (or at least feel like you are).

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