Vision, Values, Philosophy


Partner with for-profit and non-profit businesses to help them develop and unleash their vision to make our world and our communities better places to live.


  1. Grace – being quick to forgive others (and yourself).
  2. Collaboration – aiming to work well with others – both within your organization and within the community you serve.
  3. Learning – recognizing that we all have new things to learn and, while we bring expertise to each project, you ultimately know your audience and organization best.


Listen. Kouzes and Posner, in their Leadership Challenge Workbook, state that “Leadership is a relationship, and a good relationship is built on trust. Trust is fostered by listening and attending to the other person.” This seems almost counterintuitive. Many people feel that others will trust them more if the other knows how much they know. However by listening, we not only build a relationship and build trust, we also have the potential to learn new things. With the organizations I have worked with, I have found that oftentimes someone there knows what is needed, but may just need a little help defining it and developing a plan for implementing it.

Connect. Sometimes 1 + 1 can equal 3. Robert Putnam coined the phrase ‘social capital’ referring to the level of connectedness we feel towards others. Through his studies, he found that communities with greater amounts of social capital are safer and healthier communities. By collaborating (effectively) with other businesses, agencies, the government, and connecting with the community around you, your organization can become stronger.

Build and Share Your Vision. The story goes that when Walt Disney was building his park in Orlando, Florida, he wanted to share with workers his vision. He chose to build the castle first to accomplish that goal. That way, when workers were toiling in the mid-day sun in the middle of summer they could look up and be inspired by the vision associated with the castle. It was going to be a magical place. In the same way, most organizations strive to accomplish amazing transformations in their communities and around our world. Don’t be afraid to grow your vision and share it to inspire those around you.