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011812_Kirsten061_smKirsten Bullock, CFRE, MBA is an author, speaker, trainer and PhD student. She earned her designation as a Certified Fund Raising Executive in 2002 and is also a certified DISCflex coach. Since 1995, Kirsten has worked with health care organizations, social service providers, national and local ministries, and international membership associations. She is an AFP Master Trainer and has presented for the Indiana Library Federation, Business First (Louisville), Kairos Prison Ministry International, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and many other local, regional and national groups.

In addition, she is the author of Simple Steps to Growing Your Donors and is the general editor of and a contributing author to The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits published by The Nonprofit Academy. Kirsten holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s of Business Administration. She enjoys living in historic New Albany, Indiana with her husband Rob and their dog Cedar.

What Others Are Saying:

…we had plateaued, and a year ago, we weren’t sure if we would be able to continue as an organization. Now, we have greater hope and are turning the corner. Our fundraising strategy has involved two “house parties” so far, with more on the horizon, and the receipt of several small grants, which I have had more time to pursue and write. Our board is still in the nascent stages of all this fundraising talk, but Kirsten has tried to make that not only easier but also more closely tailored to who we are and who our constituency donors may be. We are making lists, creating timelines, learning fundraising methods, examining logos, discussing strategies, and designing campaigns.

…Kirsten has empowered us. We all now have a better sense of direction. We are better equipped to move our program to the next level. And, perhaps most importantly, we all have restored hope.

Rev. Dean Bucalos, Mission Behind Bars and Beyond, Kentucky

“I found it tremendously helpful to get my thoughts into line. Having you really focused me and has been tremendous. You’ve ‘launched’ me. Thank you!”

Elizabeth Smith, Statewide Education Organizing Committee, New Jersey

God has put amazing people in my life. People with fantastic gifts and passions. You were one of the first people I thought of, within minutes of being given this idea. With the advice, direction and resources that you’ve already given me, I feel like I can move forward with more confidence. I’m looking forward to this adventure, and it’s comforting to know that I can turn to you along the way.

Rick Blount, Four Winds Designs, Florida

toni rose - headshot

Toni Rose, Director at Barren Heights Retreat, Kentucky

The words thank you seem woefully inadequate to communicate my appreciation for your time, professionalism, and care in creating our customized Board Training last month. The Board is re-energized and focused as we prepare to take the next big steps in opening the Barren Heights Community Center in Louisville.

… You exceeded my expectations in meeting deadlines and promises. You listened well and asked great questions during our pre-training phone conference.

If anyone questions the value of your coaching, consulting, or training I will gladly share my experiences. Please feel free to pass along my phone number or email.


richard johnson thank you notereview of 8 simple steps book

nov 6 2014 Robin Zellers

What a powerhouse! Thank you for sharing from your wealth of knowledge. Both my colleagues (who were listening in) marveled at your depth of understanding and great ideas. You’ve helped us see things in a new light. Kathleen, our writer among other talents, is excited to take a new approach to our stories. Her gears were turning before the call ended on what new approach she is going to take with our teachers and students as they share their grant experiences. And thank you for your perspective on “it’s not about the money”. It takes the edge off asking, knowing people who give money like to give money. What a pleasure to help people connect with people and establish meaning through philanthropy. I appreciate your insight.

Marcia Wilson, Executive Director, Panhandle Alliance for Education

martin lindsey

That was an excellent workshop. No matter how long you’re doing this stuff, that time to hear a 3rd party and either learn new stuff or remind you of old stuff you don’t do..it’s priceless. Thanks so much!  

–  Jim Littlefield-Dalmares, Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies


The webinar was fantastic!  It helped me to focus on what I need and what I can do to grow my company – and how to make a detailed plan for the year. As a result of this training I expect to grow my business, grow my revenue, increase the clients we serve and work a detailed marketing plan for future growth.  Thanks for sharing your expertise with me.  I look forward to your next training.
Kathy Bornarth, MA, LPC

Not only is it a joy to meet with Kirsten for our coaching sessions, but our page views have increased by 800% over last year. We’re filling our events and able to engage with our audience in a whole new way.She provides both the know-how, but also the wisdom and the accompanying skills that help us get it done.
Nancy Going, First Third Ministries


Thank you so much for your time Kirsten.  I have quite a few things to do now…  I am very excited to have a clear direction.
Jane Ratliff, Founder,BlueHair Technology Group


“For more than ten years as the director of a faith-based non-profit, my greatest struggle/challenge was in fund-raising. I read books on the subject, attended seminars, listened to so many individuals who made it sound so easy. Many continued to identify us as, “the best kept secret in Disability Ministry.” And, we danced on the edge of financial disaster.One of my board members came to me rather insistent that I give Kirsten Bullock a call; telling me that we needed some intense consultation on the matter of fund-raising. I was just as insistent that ten years of training, consultation, advice & opinions on the matter had brought only mixed results.A month later, after a board meeting, I was “instructed” to give Kirsten a call. I did so, reluctantly, meeting with her along with that board member. And, we were soon into the intense training regimen.It’s nearly a year later, and to use an old cliché, “We’ve nearly turned the corner.”With Kirsten’s guidance & help, we’ve developed a strategic plan, and we’re working the plan. Don’t know that, at age 63, I’ll receive commendations & accolades for raising millions of dollars. However, from a fiscal standpoint, last year was the best of my fifteen years as an Executive Director. We closed the books for the year 2011 in sound financial condition.
Roy Kustanbauter, Executive Director, Power Ministries

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for AIM. I’m so happy with our event last weekend. We genuinely touched people. It felt great. You’ve been with us all year, every step of the way. We couldn’t have accomplished any of our major accomplishments without you. As our brochure quotes a client, ‘because of you, AIM has hope.’ We were drifting and shrinking before. THANK YOU!”
Paige Gottlieb, Board Chair, Aids Interfaith Ministries

“Kirsten was instrumental and elevating the fundraising efforts at the Research Foundation from honing the strategic vision to equipping volunteers to ask for gifts, to setting up a process to help us better understand who our donors are.”
Bonnie Ulmer, Vice President, The Institute of Internal Auditors

“Kirsten is an excellent development officer. She understands people and the variety of interests in giving. Kirsten is exceptionally well-organized and bases decisions and strategy on the data, on the facts. Kirsten is at her best with “major donors” and planned giving but she is fully skilled in “retail” strategies such as direct-mail and special events. I recommend Kirsten highly, with no reservations but with considerable confidence in her professional skills, values and virtues.”
David Spellman, Executive Director, Covenant House Florida

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I’m a one-horse show where I am and getting input from other fundraisers is hugely helpful to me. ‘Virtual’ personal development and inspiration. Thank you.

Rose C., Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you! You are offering a great service and I am grateful for your wisdom, insight and help! You are offering something MANY of us in the development world need.

Jane Whaley, Ashland, Oregon

Thank you so much for your help! You rock.

Elisa Owen, Kentucky

Thank you so much for the webinar today.  It was really helpful and got me thinking in ways I hadn’t before.  I can’t wait to put this information into practice!

Colleen M., Wisconsin