A Hummingbird and a Butterfly (recognizing precious moments)

Every once in a while, we get a rare glimpse of nature up really close. Twice in the last week I’ve gotten this opportunity.

The first while I was clipping some roses from my rose bushes. I was reaching behind the plant, trying carefully not to scratch myself on the thorns when I heard of rush of wind. I glanced over, and not two feet from my face was a hummingbird. So tiny. So precious. So close! And then it was gone.

Then a few days later, again in the backyard, I was keeping my dog company while she wandered around the yard. She’s a real people dog (a lab/hound mix) and will keep her backyard explorations short if she knows it means being away from her ‘peeps.’ Yes, I suppose we’ve spoiled our dog. But as I was sitting at the table reading a magazine, I saw a flash of color out of the corner of my eye as the butterfly landed about four inches from my hand. It wandered around for several minutes as I sat there – moving from the table to the umbrella and back to the table.

But then I got to wondering. How many of those amazing moments do I miss every single day because I’m just not looking for them or not aware of my surroundings. How many amazing experiences do I miss out on because I’m too busy thinking about tomorrow – or worrying about what I said yesterday.

Will you join me in a vow to attempt to live more ‘in the moment?’

I look forward to hearing about your ‘found’ moments. And hopefully having a few more to share with you over the next few weeks.



A Hummingbird and a Butterfly (recognizing precious moments) — 2 Comments

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    • As I was lying on the floor doing my stretches, one of my cats came up and laid down next to me. He rolled over for me to rub his stomach and then we had “our special time”. I realized that as much as my cats mean to me I don’t always give them that special time. We need to do this not just with our cats but with family — especially if you have aging parents.