A Collaboration that Saves Lives: Red Cross Home Fire Campaign

By bringing together nonprofits, faith-based groups and many others, the is bringing smoke alarms and evacuation plans to households that don’t have them. What would be extremely difficult or impossible for just one organization become possible with many partners.

What is your big goal? Who can you work with to get there faster? And just one more question: have you identified what your big goal is?

In the United States, continuous and pervasive home fires remain a common cause of death and injury. The installation of just one working smoke alarm in a household can reduce risk by 50 percent, but equipping the millions of households currently without alarms presents a massive challenge.

As a national, grassroots organization focused on lifesaving services, the Red Cross was well positioned to lead on this issue and, in October 2014, it created the American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign. The campaign has since installed 840,000 smoke alarms and designed evacuation plans in nearly 350,000 homes across more than 10,000 US communities, saving more than 235 lives to date.

We couldn’t have achieved this level of progress alone. Collaboration with more than 4,200 social service organizations, businesses, local governments, civic groups, fire departments, and faith-based groups—who have provided volunteers, materials, media promotion, and/or financial resources—has been the key to our success so far and will be critical to our future efforts.

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