• Kirsten BullockDo you have a big idea to improve the lives of your customers or community you serve?
  • Need help trying to define your services or programs?
  • Want to better engage your board or stakeholders?
  • Ready to have access to the information and tools you need to be more successful?

You’re in the right place. You are passionate about what you do, motivated to make a difference in your community and love what you do. You know what it takes to serve people and you have a vision for a better world.

My name is Kirsten Bullock, and I founded Bullock Consulting to help you get the systems and support in place so that you can unleash your vision and accomplish your big dreams. Having been an entrepreneur and worked with nonprofits for several years, I know the obstacles you face, but I also know the solutions and opportunities. I’ll help you select and seize the ones that are best for you.

While there are many areas I’m qualified to help in, I specialize in helping for-profit and non-profit businesses develop leadership and build stronger teams. I also work with non-profit leaders to engage their boards in fundraising and develop strategic fundraising plans.

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Contact us at kirsten@bullockconsulting.net or +1 502-509-5004 for more information about how we can help you reach your goals with my training and consulting services.